Friday Night Supper

Before Parish Hall Kitchen, there was Friday Night Supper. Starting as a traditional soup kitchen in the 1980s, Friday Night Supper has been in continuous operation for over 30 years now. A lot has changed since then. We've moved from paper plates and plastic utensils to china, flat ware, and glasses; from rectangular tables to round ones; and from paper place mats to linen tablecloths. But one thing that hasn't changed is our goal.

Our Goal...

is to serve our community by providing food, job training and hands-on

experience to those who are un- and under-unemployed through programs modeled after the ideal All Are Welcome


PHK’s newest program, “Parish Hall Kitchen To-Go.” This program originated as a response to even greater needs for food and basic necessities within our community in the wake of the pandemic, providing fresh food and healthy meals to more than 120 adults and children each week. While the pandemic continues and beyond, we are committed to continue serving our neighbors as they struggle to recover from employment and/or housing interruptions and other COVID-19 related difficulties. 

Trinity Restaurant Catering & Training


We are a catering company with a mission! All the proceeds from every dollar you spend through Trinity Catering goes to support two vital ministries: Friday Night Supper and Trinity Restaurant Training.

When you use Trinity Catering for your catering needs, you will receive high-quality gourmet food at a reasonable price made by our Trinity Restaurant trainees. Put simply supporting your community and eating really tasty food is a win-win. So don't delay and order with Trinity Catering today!

If you want to order, contact  or call (484) 653-9307


Trinity Restaurant Training is a professional eight-week culinary training course designed to provide restaurant job training to the un- and/or underemployed.  The curriculum includes everything from knife skills, stocks, sauces, and soups to pasta making, eggs and dairy, dry and moist cooking methods to baking and even plate presentation.

All trainees are hired by Parish Hall Kitchen (PHK) and paid for their course work. As PHK employees, trainees and graduates are offered the opportunity to work at Trinity Catering and parish events for the Church of the Holy Trinity in West Chester, PA, where the program is housed.